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What is the tub made of?

Our tubs are made of a heavy duty thermoplastic material and is rust and stain resistant.

What is the outside/inside measurements of the tub?


Depth (height)?15”


Length? 23 5/8”



Depth (height)?12 ½”


Length? 15 ½”


Can the sink be used outdoors?

This Laundry Utility Sink can be used outdoors with proper maintenance.


Can it be secured to the wall? Without the legs?

This tub may be anchored to the wall ONLY if the legs are still attached to it.

You may buy a bracket at your nearest hardware store that supports this tub.


Do these laundry tub kits come with warranty?

Yes, we offer limited lifetime warranty on all our tub kits.


Can you attach a hose to your faucets?

Yes, most of our laundry tubs include an adapter to attach a hose to the faucet.


What size do I need for the drain line to hook up to my drain?

The supply lines on this faucet connect to a 3/8” compression shut-off valve. So, you will need to

purchase 2 shut-off valves that have a 3/8” compression outlet.


Are the holes for the faucet already cut out or do we have to drill them ourselves?

The holes for the faucet have been pre-drilled but have not been punched out yet.

You may use a drill or hammer and chisel for the holes.


Can a garbage disposal be used with this sink?

This tub is not designed to hold a garbage disposal, but you may modify it to fit one.

Where are we located?

990 E North Ave, Glendale Heights, IL 60139



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